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ArgentinaMultiple Download PDF document  Basis for a Waste Management Public Communication Policy: Actual Situation Analysis and Implementation of Corrective Actions2004-11-23communication.pdf (46KB)
BelgiumMultiple Download Word document  The Inventory of Radioactive Waste as an Integrated Part of a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management System2004-11-19IAEA_CORDOBA_18JUN04.doc (70KB)
CanadaMultiple Download PDF document  Waste inventory records keeping systems (WIRKS) in Canada2005-09-30WIRKS-Canada.pdf (1382KB)
CanadaMultiple Download PDF document  Waste inventory records keeping systems (WIRKS) in Canada2005-09-30Microsoft PowerPoint - WIRKS CA NIRMA2005.pdf (700KB)
Czech RepublicMultiple Download Word document  WIRKS in the Czech Republic2005-09-21NIRMA 2005_CZ.doc (3515KB)
Czech RepublicMultiple Download Powerpoint document  WIRKS in the Czech Republic 2005-09-21WIRKS CZ 2005.ppt (408KB)
FranceMultiple Download PDF document  2009 French National Inventory of Radioactive Materials and Waste - In Summary2011-05-03French Inventory Summary of RMW 352va.pdf (2183KB)
GermanyMultiple Download PDF document  Use of a Knowledge Management System in Waste Management2006-11-21Germany - Use of a knowledgemanagement system.pdf (775KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Management of Long Term Radiological Liabilities: Stewardship Challenges2006-11-28TRS450_web.pdf (4165KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Release of Sites from Regulatory Control on Termination of Practices Safety Guide 2006-11-28Pub1244_web.pdf (381KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Application of Thermal Technologies for Processing of Radioactive Waste2007-01-29te_1527_web.pdf (2677KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  An International Peer Review of the Programme for Evaluating Sites for Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Lithuania Report of the IAEA International Review Team2007-01-29IAEA-LIT_web.pdf (1628KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Management of Waste Containing Tritium and Carbon-142004-07-21TRS421_web.pdf (738KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  IAEA GSG-1: Classification of Radioactive Waste2010-11-03GSG-1 Classification of RadWaste.pdf (846KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document   Retrieval and Conditioning of Solid Radioactive Waste from Old Facilities 2007-03-29TRS456_web.pdf (5658KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Strategy and Methodology for Radioactive Waste Characterization 2007-04-26te_1537_web.pdf (1411KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Advances in Applications of Burnup Credit to Enhance Spent Fuel Transportation, Storage, Reprocessing and Disposition - Proceedings of a Technical Meeting held in London, 29 August-2 September 20052007-06-05te_1547_web.pdf (15379KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors Proceedings of an International Conference Vienna, 19-22 June 2006 2007-07-19Pub1295_web.pdf (6938KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Control reglamentario de las descargas radiactivas al medio ambiente Guía de seguridad 2007-07-19PubDetails.asp?pubId=5930 (413KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Considerations for Waste Minimization at the Design Stage of Nuclear Facilities 2008-02-01trs460_web.pdf (2193KB)

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