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IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Release of Sites from Regulatory Control on Termination of Practices Safety Guide 2006-11-28Pub1244_web.pdf (381KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Application of Thermal Technologies for Processing of Radioactive Waste2007-01-29te_1527_web.pdf (2677KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  An International Peer Review of the Programme for Evaluating Sites for Near Surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Lithuania Report of the IAEA International Review Team2007-01-29IAEA-LIT_web.pdf (1628KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  Management of Waste Containing Tritium and Carbon-142004-07-21TRS421_web.pdf (738KB)
IAEAMultiple Download PDF document  IAEA GSG-1: Classification of Radioactive Waste2010-11-03GSG-1 Classification of RadWaste.pdf (846KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Application of the Concepts of Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance2004-08-04Pub1202_web.pdf (232KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Factors Determining the Long Term Back End Nuclear Fuel Cycle Strategy and Future Nuclear Systems2004-09-29te_1286_prn.pdf (7209KB)
IAEAData Collection and Reporting Download PDF document  Retrieval, Restoration and Maintenance of Old Radioactive Waste Inventory Records2007-04-26te_1548_web.pdf (527KB)
IAEAData Collection and Reporting Download PDF document  Strategy and Methodology for Radioactive Waste Characterization 2007-04-26te_1537_web.pdf (1411KB)
IAEAData Collection and Reporting Download PDF document  NEWMDB Country Waste Profiles #92008-05-28Profiles9.pdf (8806KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Nuclear Safety Review for the Year 20032004-12-01gc48inf-3.pdf (89KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Nuclear Technology Review 20042004-12-01gc48inf-4_new.pdf (2800KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Technical Co-operation Report for 20032004-12-01gc48inf-6.pdf (172KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  RADIOACTIVE WASTE: WHAT PEOPLE THINK2004-12-01article8.pdf (50KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT - TURNING OPTIONS INTO SOLUTIONS2004-12-01scientificforum3.pdf (2070KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Methodology for the Assessment of Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles Report of Phase 1B (first part) of the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO)2005-01-01te_1434_web.pdf (1422KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Methodologies2005-04-22Pub1222_web.pdf (967KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  do not post (cannot delete this record)2005-04-22WMDB-ST-4.pdf (4919KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Radioactive Waste Management - Status and Trends - Number 42005-04-25WMDB-ST-4.pdf (3089KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2005-04-12mna-2005_web.pdf (2517KB)

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