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IAEAGeneral Go to website  Forum for Nuclear Co-operation in Asia2005-04-19 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  The VIRTUAL REPOSITORY of Nuclear Information2005-04-19 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Radwaste.org2005-04-23 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Methodologies2005-04-22Pub1222_web.pdf (967KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  do not post (cannot delete this record)2005-04-22WMDB-ST-4.pdf (4919KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Radioactive Waste Management Status and Trends Number (3821KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Radioactive Waste Management - Status and Trends - Number 42005-04-25WMDB-ST-4.pdf (3089KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  World Nuclear Association - Issues and Briefs2005-04-27 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  World Nuclear Association - Waste Management Website2005-04-27 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  United Nations Earthwatch - Radioactive Waste2005-05-03 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Uranium Information Centre - Radioactive Waste Management2005-05-03 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, 2005 Edition Safety Requirements2005-05-26Pub1225_web.pdf (1772KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Guidebook on Environmental Impact Assessment for In Situ Leach Mining Projects2005-05-30TE_1428_web.pdf (2550KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Derivation of Activity Concentration Values for Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance2005-06-22Pub1213_web.pdf (1295KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Subject Area listing for the IAEA's Publications Database2005-06-28 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Asian Nuclear Safety Network (ANSN) Newsletter #12005-07-06ANSNewsletter_001.pdf (251KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  European Nuclear Society Young Generation Network2005-06-29 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Thorium Fuel Cycle - Potential Benefits and Challenges2005-07-01TE_1450_web.pdf (1900KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Research Reactor Utilization, Safety, Decommissioning, Fuel and Waste Management Proceedings of an International Conference held in Santiago, Chile, 10-14 November 20032005-07-06Pub1212_web.pdf (185KB)

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