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IAEADecommissioning Download PDF document  Managing the Socioeconomic Impact of the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities2008-04-15trs464_web.pdf (5072KB)
IAEADecommissioning Download PDF document  Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities: Training and Human Resource Considerations2008-04-15P1332_web.pdf (2204KB)
IAEADecommissioning Download PDF document  Decommissioning of Research Reactors: Evolution, State of the Art, Open Issues 2006-06-30TRS446_web.pdf (3120KB)
NetherlandsDecommissioning Download PDF document  Joint Convention 2nd report Netherlands (2006)2006-03-06JC, 2nd report NL, final.pdf (2372KB)
NetherlandsDecommissioning Download PDF document  Report 2003 Joint Convention2004-09-14JC report nl.pdf (621KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  Summary report on the Vandellos I NPP decommissioning project2005-04-08Vandellos I proyect summary report 1998-2003.pdf (1642KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  Memoria del desmantelamiento del proyecto de desmantelamiento de la CC.NN. Vandellos I2005-04-08Vandellos I memoria proyecto 1998-2003 espa_ol.pdf (3145KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  5ยบ Plan General de Residuos Radiactivos2005-04-085_ Plan de Residuos Radiactivos 1999.pdf (1747KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  Joint Convention 1st Spanish National report2006-11-20Joint Convention national report 2003.pdf (1529KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  Primer informe nacional de la Convencion Conjunta2005-04-08Informe convencion conjunta 2003.pdf (1738KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  6th General Radioactive Waste Plan2006-11-20SIXTH PLAN full text with images[1].pdf (4315KB)
SpainDecommissioning Download PDF document  Joint Convention. 2nd Spanish National Report2006-11-20Spanish National report 2005.pdf (1950KB)
United States of AmericaDecommissioning Download PDF document  United States of America, Second National Report for the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management2005-10-11Second National Report -- Final Rev 30.pdf (1619KB)

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