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IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Conference Proceedings - Protection of the Environment from Ionising Radiation2004-03-21Start.pdf (272KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Guidance for the Evaluation of Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles2004-03-21te_1362_web.pdf (2245KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  NEWMDB Lookup Lists2004-03-22newmdb_lookup_lists(XL95).xls (23KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  International Basic Safety Standards for Protection against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources (CD-ROM Edition, 2003)2004-03-28 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section, Department of Nuclear Energy home page2004-09-11 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  International Nuclear Information System home page2004-03-23 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  IAEA Library Catalogue of Resources2004-03-23 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Application of the Concepts of Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance2004-08-04Pub1202_web.pdf (232KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Waste Management Assessment and Technical Review Program (WATRP)2004-09-12 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Factors Determining the Long Term Back End Nuclear Fuel Cycle Strategy and Future Nuclear Systems2004-09-29te_1286_prn.pdf (7209KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Portal2004-10-13 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Radioactive Waste Management Profiles Number (9751KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Depleted Uranium in Kuwait2004-12-01 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Nuclear Power's Changing Future2004-12-01 
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Agency Programme and Budget 2004-05: Prog L. MANAGEMENT OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE2004-12-01 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Nuclear Safety Review for the Year 20032004-12-01gc48inf-3.pdf (89KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Nuclear Technology Review 20042004-12-01gc48inf-4_new.pdf (2800KB)
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  Technical Co-operation Report for 20032004-12-01gc48inf-6.pdf (172KB)
IAEAGeneral Go to website  Code of Practice on the International Transboundary Movement of Radioactive Waste2004-12-01 
IAEAGeneral Download PDF document  RADIOACTIVE WASTE: WHAT PEOPLE THINK2004-12-01article8.pdf (50KB)