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(Note: the following information was provided by the Member State for the IAEA Nuclear Power Profiles)

There was limited number of regulations relevant to the safety issues in nuclear power plants. The project on drafting new regulations implemented in Dept. of Nuclear Safety of TAEK directly addresses this issue by focusing on safety goals and basic and specific safety principles for nuclear installations, including nuclear power reactors. The documents concerning the nuclear power are completed and approved by the Atomic Energy Commission. These documents will be issued as decree and/or regulations upon completion of the project by 2006.

Waste management is limited to radiological waste in Turkey, and there is a facility for interim storage of these wastes. However, waste management issue for nuclear power is addressed in above mentioned documents in terms of principles, where the detailed regulations are yet to be drafted.


  Facilities Summary

*) Volume "as dispo" is an estimate of the final disposal gross volume of waste currently in interim storage. Note that if volume "as dispo" is not provided, it's assumed to be the same "as is".