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Report Published on June 18. 2016
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Policy Survey

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Q14 Has your Country implemented a national policy for radioactive waste management? No


Q15 Has your country developed strategies to implement a national policy? No


Q17 identified the parties involved in the different steps of radioactive waste management Yes
Q18 specified a rational set of safety, radiological and environmental protection objectives Yes
Q19 implemented a mechanism to identify existing and anticipated radioactive wastes Partially
Q20 implemented controls over radioactive waste generation Partially
Q21 identified available methods and facilities to process, store and dispose of radioactive waste on an appropriate time-scale Partially
Q22 taken into account interdependencies among all steps in radioactive waste generation and management Partially
Q23 implemented appropriate research and development to support the operational and regulatory needs Partially
Q24 implemented a funding structure and the allocation of resources that are essential for radioactive waste management Partially
Q25 implemented formal mechanisms for disseminating information to the public and for public consultation Yes


Q28 establish and implement a legal framework for the management of radioactive waste Incomplete
Q29 establish or designate a regulatory body that has the responsibility for carrying out the regulatory function with regard to safety and the protection of human health and the environment. Complete
Q30 define the responsibilities of waste generators and operators of waste management facilities Incomplete
Q31 provide for adequate resources Incomplete
Q33 enforce compliance with regulatory requirements Complete
Q34 implement the licensing process Complete
Q35 advise the government Complete
Q37 identify an acceptable destination for the radioactive waste Incomplete
Q114 comply with legal requirements Incomplete


Q43 perform safety and environmental impact assessments for radioactive waste management facilities Yes
Q44 ensure adequate radiation protection for workers, the general public and the environment Yes
Q45 ensure suitable staff, equipment, facilities, training and operating procedures are available to perform the safe radioactive waste management steps Partially
Q46 establish and implement a quality assurance programme for the radioactive waste generated or its processing, storage and disposal Partially
Q47 establish and keep records of appropriate information regarding the generation, processing, storage and disposal of radioactive waste, including an inventory of radioactive waste Partially
Q48 provide surveillance and control of activities involving radioactive waste as required by the regulatory body Yes
Q49 collect, analyze and, as appropriate, share operational experience to ensure continued safety improvements in radioactive waste management Partially
Q50 conduct or otherwise ensure appropriate research and development to support operational needs in radioactive waste management No


Q128 Does your country have "clearly defined clearance levels based on radiological criteria, with policy statements that material below those levels can be recycled or disposed of with non-radioactive wastes"? Yes
Q129 Has your country ever used a "case-by-case” approach to clearing radioactive wastes (excluding spent/disused sealed radioactive sources)? Yes
Q130 Has your country ever used clearance levels to dispose of, reuse or recycle radioactive waste as non-radioactive waste or as a non-radioactive resource (excluding spent/disused sealed radioactive sources)? Yes