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Reporting Year 2012

Member States Reporting Structure

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 CountryGroupDescriptionWaste Management SitesProcessing FacilitiesStorage FacilitiesDisposal Facilities
AustriaAustriaNES 152 
BulgariaBulgariaKNPPKozloduy NPP Reporting Group147 
BulgariaBulgariaNovi hanNovi Han storage and (former) disposal facility1 23
BelarusBelarusPolesieRepublican Specialized Unitary Enterprise "Polesie"4  5
BelarusBelarusRadonRepublican Unitary Specialized Enterprise "Radon"4  4
BelarusBelarusBrestConstruction Amalgamation "Brestoblcelstroj"1  1
CanadaCanadaRsrchRctorThis group summarizes the inventories of radioactive waste from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's (AECL's) prototype/demonstration/research reactors. Inventories do not include fuel bundles currently in the reactors.5 10 
CanadaCanadaPowerRctorThis group summarizes inventories of radioactive waste from nuclear power generation. The source companies are Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Hydro-Quebec (HQ), New Brunswick Power (NB).5111 
CanadaCanadaHistoricThis group summarizes historic LLW that was managed in the past in a manner no longer considered acceptable but for which the owner cannot reasonably be held responsible and for which the federal government has accepted responsibility.5 7 
CanadaCanadaOtherIncludes other nucler fuel cycle facilities that generate radioactive waste.323 
CanadaCanadaMine&MillUranium Mining and Milling Waste - Tailings and Waste Rocks Uranium Mill and Tailings waste data will be reported in the new version of the NEWDB when an option to report data in units other than "volume" will be made available. Current waste data is available in tonne of dry mass. A list of closed, decommissioned and operational tailings/waste rock sites has been provided in this database for your information. 3 27 
SwitzerlandSwitzerlandENSIWastes from Swiss nuclear power industry, research reactors and other nuclear installations (including the national collection centre for Federal wastes at PSI-East) held under ENSI's supervision666 
SwitzerlandSwitzerlandNEA-SDOECD/NEA sea dumping1  1
SwitzerlandSwitzerlandBAGWastes from Nuclear Applications in Medicine, Industry and Research Held under BAG's Supervision222 
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicNPPsNuclear power plants242 
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicSURAORadioactive Waste Repository Authority4 14
Czech RepublicCzech RepublicInstitutesResearch institutes, radiochemical laboratories, industrial facilities etc.557 
FinlandFinlandLo_NPPLoviisa NPP.1241
FinlandFinlandOl_NPPOlkiluoto NPP1232
FinlandFinlandVTT/FIRTechnical Research Centre of Finland1 2 
FinlandFinlandSTUK/TKOSTUK's Research and Environmental surveillance (STUKin tutkimusosasto)1 1 
FranceFranceNationalThe French Inventory, as recorded into the NEWMDB, describes the sources of radioactive waste distributed into six activity sectors and three disposal sites, as a result of which radioactive waste is produced, held or managed.1453
IndonesiaIndonesiaSerpongReporting group located at Radioactive Waste Management Development Center, Serpong Research Establishment, BATAN1 2 
Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic ofNPP_KHNPKorea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.(KHNP) is a sole nuclear power generating company in Korea.5 15 
Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic ofKAERIKorea Atomic Energy Research Institute - national nuclear R&D research institution214 
Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic ofKNFKorea Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.1 2 
Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic ofRI_KRMCThis group report the data related with radioisotope waste management. KRMC : Korea Radoactive Waste Management Corporation(launched on January 1, 2009)111 
Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic ofDisposalThe first stage of the LILW disposal facility in Gyeongju is scheduled to be constructed by KRMC at the end of December 2012. First of all, the radwaste receipt / storage building in the site of the disposal facilities is in operation to receive the radioactive waste from NPP’s which are required to secure additional storage capacity.1 1 
MexicoMexicoININInstituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares (Nuclear Research National Institute)2 21
MexicoMexicoCFE-CLVComision Federal de electricidad, Central Laguna Verde1 4 
TurkeyTurkeyCNAEMCentralized Waste Processing and Storage Facility1 1 
UkraineUkraineNNECReporting group NNEC - National Nuclear Energy Generating Company, which include Khmelnitsky NPP, Rivne NPP, South-Ukraine NPP and Zaporizhzhya NPP4 9 
UkraineUkraineChNPPReporting group ChNPP - Chornobyl NPP1 2 
UkraineUkraineRADONReporting group RADON - State association "RADON", which include Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Odessa Special enterprises and Special enterprise "Komplex"7 1715
Data source: NEWMDB