NEWMDB - The IAEA Nuclear Waste Management Database IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

Consolidated Radioactive Waste Inventory (m³)

Brazil (all years)

BR:CRCN-CO-3500 m³ BR:DIRR-2280 m³ BR:IPEN-695 m³ BR:CDTN-81 m³ BR:IEN-55 m³ BR:Angra II-53 m³ Sites reporting stored and disposed waste.
No Data available
Note that Volume "as Dispo" includes Volume "as Is" if there is no data projection provided.
Data source: NEWMDB except for the Nuclear Power Production chart: PRIS
*) includes Estimate (data projections)

HLW = High Level Waste
ILW = Intermediate Level Waste
LLW = Low Level Waste
VLLW = Very Low Level Waste