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Consolidated Radioactive Waste Inventory (m³)

Ukraine (all years)

UA:SSE CRME-1727698 m³ UA:Chorn NPP-22464 m³ UA:SU  NPP-21220 m³ UA:Zap NPP-19098 m³ UA:Khmel NPP-6307 m³ UA:Kh SE-2642 m³ UA:Kiev SE-2488 m³ UA:Dnipr SE-707 m³ UA:LvivSE-688 m³ UA:Odessa SE-604 m³ Sites reporting stored and disposed waste.
No Data available
Note that Volume "as Dispo" includes Volume "as Is" if there is no data projection provided.
Data source: NEWMDB except for the Nuclear Power Production chart: PRIS
*) includes Estimate (data projections)

HLW = High Level Waste
ILW = Intermediate Level Waste
LLW = Low Level Waste
VLLW = Very Low Level Waste