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Consolidated Radioactive Waste Inventory (m³)

North America (all years)

US:Clive-4255630 m³ US:Hanford-4180427 m³ US:Cheney-3593080 m³ US:FEMP-2294090 m³ US:Monticello-1910000 m³ US:SRS-1156977 m³ US:OakRidge-1126037 m³ US:WSSRAP-1120000 m³ US:NTS-1034441 m³ US:Barnwell-796100 m³ CA:ONGOING-599060 m³ US:Closed LLW-438450 m³ US:Richland-394700 m³ US:INL-365100 m³ US:LANL-255600 m³ US:NFSS-195000 m³ US:WIPP-57900 m³ US:WCS-21242 m³ US:Pacific-14000 m³ US:Portsmouth-11570 m³ US:OtherDOE-11084 m³ US:Atlantic-8600 m³ US:WVDP-3992 m³ US:Paducah-3460 m³ US:Ashtabula-3349 m³ US:RFETS-3053 m³ US:LLNL-353 m³ US:National-92 m³ US:LBNL-82 m³ US:BNL-58 m³ US:SNL-36 m³ Sites reporting stored and disposed waste.
No Data available
Note that Volume "as Dispo" includes Volume "as Is" if there is no data projection provided.
Data source: NEWMDB except for the Nuclear Power Production chart: PRIS
*) includes Estimate (data projections)

HLW = High Level Waste
ILW = Intermediate Level Waste
LLW = Low Level Waste
VLLW = Very Low Level Waste