NEWMDB - The IAEA Nuclear Waste Management Database IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

Glossary of Terms


The top-level user for the NEWMDB; has full read and write access to the database, grants permission to Country Co-ordinators
a waste treatment method involving the formation of an alloy of mercury and at least one other metal to produce a product that reduces the potential emission of elemental mercury vapours
the process, and the result, of analysing systematically the hazards associated with sources and practices, and associated protection and safety measures, aimed at quantifying performance measures for comparison with criteria.

In Agency publications, assessment should be distinguished from analysis. Assessment is aimed at providing information that forms the basis of a decision whether something is satisfactory or not. Various kinds of analysis may be used as tools in doing this. Hence an assessment may include a number of analyses.
The granting by a regulatory body or other governmental body of written permission for an operator to perform specified activities (could include, for example, licensing, certification, registration).

For the NEWMDB, authorized users are Country Co-ordinators and additional users they designate (Report Co-ordinators and Waste Experts) as well as IAEA staff designated by the NEWMDB Programme Officer