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Glossary of Terms


lake (closed)
The Russian Federation had a past practice of "disposing" of liquid waste into some closed lakes (no significant pathways for water to exit other than by transpiration). These lakes were reclassified to storage facilities (this information was provided in an NEWMDB workshop).
a body of enacted or customary rules recognized by a community as binding
1. a legal document issued by the regulatory body granting authorization to perform specified activities related to a facility or activity.

2. any authorization, permission or certification granted by a regulatory body to carry out any activity related to management of spent fuel or of radioactive waste. [Joint Convention definition - not recommended for IAEA publications]
see license
see waste classification
see waste classification
see waste classification
see waste classification
Long Lived
see waste classification
Low and Intermediate Level Waste
see waste classification

low specific activity waste

LSA is not part of the IAEA’s proposed waste classification scheme; however it is used by some Member States to indicate radioactive waste with very low levels of radionuclides. Some Member States refer to this as very low level waste (VLLW), which is also not part of the IAEA’s proposed scheme.