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Glossary of Terms


a waste conditioning method that involves pouring an encapsulating material over and around a large mass of waste, thereby enclosing it in a solidified block (see also encapsulation)
Main Component
The NEWMDB component that is used by Country Co-ordinators to define the waste classification schemes used in their countries, to compare these schemes with the Agency's proposed common waste classification scheme, to provide their contact information, to define additional users to assist them with an NEWMDB submission and to provide general information (regulators, regulations and laws, milestones in radioactive waste management and policies related to radioactive waste management)
membrane technology
a collection of waste treatment methods that utilizes semi-permeable membranes to separate insoluble and some soluble species from bulk liquid (or gaseous) media

The principal use of membrane technology in radioactive waste management is to reduce the levels radioactive and non-radioactive contaminants in the bulk media
mercury treatment
a collection of waste treatment methods for mercury-bearing hazardous wastes to remove mercury or to render it less volatile (the treatment method(s) selected depend on the concentration of mercury in the waste)
metal melting
a waste treatment method where radioactive metallic items are melted for homgenization, decontamination and/or reuse

Optionally, the metal is used to manufacture containers for other radioactive waste.
see encapsulation
used in the NEWMDB to indicate significant or noteworthy developments, occurrences, or circumstances related to radioactive waste management
see defense/military