NEWMDB - The IAEA Nuclear Waste Management Database IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

Glossary of Terms


natural uranium
chemically separated uranium containing the naturally occurring distribution of uranium isotopes (approximately 99.28% uranium-238, and 0.72% uranium-235 by mass)
NEWMDB Programme Officer
the IAEA’s single point-of-contact for the NEWMDB

naturally occurring radioactive material - material containing no significant amounts of radionuclides other than naturally occurring radionuclides. The exact definition of ‘significant amounts’ would be a regulatory decision
notification e-mail
the principal e-mail addressed used by the NEWMDB Programme Officer to communicate with Country Co-ordinators
nuclear applications
civilian practices using radioactive materials, excluding the nuclear fuel cycle
nuclear facility
a facility and its associated land, buildings and equipment in which radioactive materials are produced, processed, used, handled, stored or disposed of on such a scale that consideration of safety is required
nuclear fuel cycle
operations associated with the production of nuclear energy, including:
- mining and milling, processing and enrichment of uranium or thorium;
- manufacture of nuclear fuel;
- operation of nuclear reactors (including research reactors);
- reprocessing of nuclear fuel;
- any related research and development activities; and
- all related waste management activities (including decommissioning)