NEWMDB - The IAEA Nuclear Waste Management Database IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

Glossary of Terms


a secret, NEWMDB user-specified code that is required to login to the NEWMDB
performance assessment
an assessment of the performance of a system or subsystem and its implications for protection and safety at a planned or an authorized facility. This differs from safety assessment in that it can be applied to parts of a facility, and does not necessarily require assessment of radiological impacts
in the context of the NEWMDB, the granting of full or partial access to NEWMDB information

The NEWMDB design requires that Authorized Users (Country Co-ordinators, Report Co-ordinators and Waste Experts) be granted permission to view or edit/modify all or part of the information entered into the database for a Member State.

- full access to all NEWMDB information for all Countries
- grants permission to Country Co-ordinators

Country Co-ordinator
- full access to all information entered for his/her Country
- grants permissions to Report Co-ordinators and Waste Experts

Report Co-ordinator
- full access to information within his/her Reporting Group
- can grant permission to Waste Experts

Waste Expert
- full or partial access to information within Reporting Group (limits can be set by the Country Co-ordinator or Report Co-ordinator)
a course or general plan of action (to be) adopted by a government, body or person
a waste conditioning method using chemical reactions in which one or more small molecules combine to form larger molecules
any human activity that introduces additional sources of radiation exposure or exposure pathways or extends exposure to additional people or modifies the network of exposure pathways from existing sources, so as to increase the exposure or the likelihood of exposure of people or the number of people exposed
any or all of the operations prior to waste treatment, such as collection, segregation, chemical adjustment and decontamination
see processing
any operation that changes the characteristics of waste, including pretreatment, treatment and conditioning
see Country Waste Profile
Public User
see register and registered user