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(Note: the following is taken from the Argentina National Report to the Joint Convention for 2005)

Since its creation in 1950, the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) of the Argentine Republic has worked in the development of applications for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The legal framework applicable to radioactive waste is commensurate with the provisions of the Constitution and with the legislation adopted by the National Congress by Act 24804, which regulates the nuclear activity, and Act 25018, which lays down the Radioactive Waste Management Regime.

Radioactive Waste Management Policy

The Argentine Government is solely responsible for radioactive waste management and National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) is the organization responsible for its implementation. The regulation and supervision of radioactive waste management are inherent to the National Government and the Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear (ARN) is the independent state entity responsible for its implementation.

In Argentina the following criteria are applied to Radioactive Waste Management:

  1. Allow for the withdrawal of radioactive material from regulatory control when on account of its activity concentration and/or total activity it may be released from regulatory control
  2. Authorize the planned and controlled discharge of liquid and gaseous radioactive materials that originate from the normal operation of a nuclear facility and which on account of their total radioactivity may be released into the environment.
  3. Treatment, conditioning and final disposal of radioactive waste, understanding that radioactive waste means materials that on account of their concentration of radioactivity and/or total radioactivity cannot be released into the environment.

Responsible Organizations

The National Law of Nuclear Activity established a regulatory body called the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) which is empowered to regulate and supervise the nuclear activity in all matters related to radiation and nuclear safety, physical protection and control of the use of nuclear materials, the licensing and surveillance of nuclear facilities and international safeguards. Act 25018, the Radioactive Waste Management Regime, establishes CNEA as the implementing Authority to perform all activities related to radioactive waste management and sets up Radioactive Waste Management National Program (PNGRR), which includes the Strategic Plan. As of 2005, the Strategic Plan had not yet been enacted as required by Act 25018.

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*) Volume "as dispo" is an estimate of the final disposal gross volume of waste currently in interim storage. Note that if volume "as dispo" is not provided, it's assumed to be the same "as is".