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Armenia operates a single nuclear power station in addition to having radioactive waste geenrated by industrial and medical applications.

   Radioactive Waste Management Policy & Strategy

To define safe and sustainable management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in the Republic of Armenia the Government of RA approved the Policy on safe management of radioactive waste and spent fuel in RA by the Government Protocol Decree 43 as of 4 November 2010. The Strategy on radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management in the Republic of Armenia is currently in the stage of development.

   Responsible Organizations

To establish regulatory control over nuclear and radiation safety in atomic energy utilization field and to comply with IAEA requirements the Government of Republic of Armenia adopted decree No. 573 as of 13 November 1993 on establishment of state regulatory authority for nuclear and radiation safety in atomic energy utilization field (ANRA) within the Government of the RA.

ANRA’s task is the state regulation at atomic energy utilization (safety of nuclear facilities, the safe use of ionizing radiation sources, the safe management of radioactive waste, and the safe transport of radioactive and nuclear materials) aimed to ensure the safety of population and personnel, environmental safety and to defend safety interests of the Republic of Armenia.

ANRA regulates the nuclear and radiation safety of Armenian NPP, dry spent nuclear fuel storage facility, ionizing radiation sources, non-nuclear radioactive waste storage facility, and of other facilities where practices with nuclear materials are implemented.

ANRA activity is governed by the Constitution of the RA, international treaties ratified by the RA, the Law of the RA on Safe Utilization of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes, other laws, ANRA Statute and other legal acts.

According to the Government Decree No. 631-N as of 04.06.2009 on approval of the procedure on radioactive waste management the Ministry for Energy and Natural Resources is the designated state competent authority empowered with radioactive waste.

   Storage of Spent Fuel:

The dry spent fuel storage facility (DSFS) of NUHOMS-56 type is located on Armenian NPP site. Spent fuel is stored in designed spent fuel pools. After five years of storage the spent fuel is placed into dry shielding container (DSC) of NUHOMS-56M type and is placed into horizontal storage modules (HSM). DSFS consists of 11 horizontally placed concrete modules for storage of 616 spent fuel assemblies. After Unit No. 1 shutdown its spent fuel pool is used as a temporary storage facility for spent fuel.

Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority granted licence to the Armenian NPP for the DSFS operation on 1 August 2000. The license validity is 20 years.

DSFS licensing was implemented in accordance with 10 CFR and NUREG-s. During licensing the US NRC, IRSN, IAEA experts assisted the ANRA with review of documents justifying the nuclear and radiation safety of DSFS.

In 2005 the National Assembly of the RA based on proposal from the Government of the RA made decision to extend the DSFS. It will enable storing 1890 fuel assemblies at least 50 years.


  Facilities Summary