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Despite the absence of a nuclear power programme, Cuba has an active radioactive waste management programme and infrastructure. The national policy for radioactive waste management was developed in accordance with the objective and principles established in the IAEA Safety Series No. 111-S-1 (superceded by Safety Standards Series No. GS-R-1).

   Inventory of Disused Radioactive Sources

Disused radioactive sources constitute the main inventory, in terms of volume and activity, stored in the facility. Although at present new sources should be returned to the supplier when they become disused, a considerable amount of sources were received in the country more than 10 years ago, when the regulation entered into force. These sources should be managed by the Center for Radiation Protection and Hygiene.

   Radioactive Waste Management Facilities

The National Center for Nuclear Safety (Centro Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear) is responsible for the licensing and supervision of radioactive and nuclear installations and for the control of radioactive waste. The Center for Radiation Protection and Hygiene is responsible for centralized collection, transportation, treatment, conditioning and long term storage of radioactive waste, as well as for developing new waste conditioning and containment methods. There is a Waste Processing and Storage Facility adequately designed to accomodate the amount and types of radioactive waste generated in the country.


  Facilities Summary

*) Volume "as dispo" is an estimate of the final disposal gross volume of waste currently in interim storage. Note that if volume "as dispo" is not provided, it's assumed to be the same "as is".