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Radioactive waste in Greece originates from medicine, research and industry (including industries generating waste with NORM). Only low level and intermediate level waste derives from those sources. For this, the national policy for the waste produced is the decay storage and discharge. The management of radioactive waste is carried out on the site of origin.

Regarding nuclear medicine and research laboratories, according to the provisions of the Radiation Protection Regulations, and since the waste concerned is of short half-lives, it is preferable to be stored by the producers/users until it has decayed and can be released to the environment according to clearance level requirements. Special decay tanks can be required in nuclear medicine laboratories using I-131 for thyroid therapy.

For the waste produced in NCSR “Demokritos” laboratories, the on-site waste treatment might additionally include a range of operations such as waste segregation, characterization, conditioning and storage, and discharge.



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