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(Note: the following information was provided by the Member State for the IAEA Nuclear Power Profiles)

Each unit of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant can accommodate spent fuel for ten years of full operation. Furthermore, Romania is developing radioactive waste management programmes and adopting concepts recognized world-wide (interim dry storage, near surface repository for low and medium level waste).

A dry spent fuel intermediate storage facility project (DICA) is in progress; the contract was awarded by AECL, after an international competition. It is based on MACSTOR system designed by AECL, consisting in 27 concrete modules with a capacity of 12,000 fuel bundles each, protected in metal cylinders and stored in baskets. The first capacity will be commissioned in 2003 on the plant's site. All the facility will assure the storage of 300,000 fuel bundles coming from 2 units for a period of 50 years. Next step will be the decision related to the final disposal of low and medium level waste. The storage is envisaged to be sited at the Cernavoda area, and the commissioning is considered for 2005-2006. Site studies are advanced, and a decision will be taken considering the implementation of the process. For the final repository of spent nuclear fuel, generic survey studies are performed and the Romanian experts are looking for solutions consistent with international practice.

Based on the experience of decommissioning of older CANDU nuclear plants, i.e. Douglas Point 220 MW(e) and Gentilly 1,250 MW(e), decommissioning of the Cernavoda project has also been evaluated.


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*) Volume "as dispo" is an estimate of the final disposal gross volume of waste currently in interim storage. Note that if volume "as dispo" is not provided, it's assumed to be the same "as is".