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(Note: the following information was provided by the Member State for the IAEA Nuclear Power Profiles)

The uranium ore mining and uranium concentrate production in Ukraine is performed by the Vostochny Uranium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (VostGOK). The main product of the enterprise is natural uranium concentrate. The commercial and industrial activity of the VostGOK on the natural uranium mining and processing is aimed at implementing the "Comprehensive Programme of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Creation in Ukraine". The programme on the development of the nuclear energy's raw material sources allows for covering the NPPs demand for uranium and is focused on two main areas: maintaining of the existing production capacities and increasing of the output up to the level of the nuclear energy demand for natural uranium.

To settle the spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management problems, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Decree No.542 dated 5 April 1999, according to which a new "Comprehensive Programme on Radwaste Management" was established. Following the Order No. 7, issued by the Minister of Fuel and Energy on 13 January 2000, the "Comprehensive Programme of Management of NPP Spent Nuclear Fuel" was established. In accordance with the adopted decisions and with the financial assistance of the Nuclear Safety Account (jointly established by the "G-7", the European Commission and some other countries) a storage facility of spent nuclear fuel is being constructed on the Chernobyl site. The design of the storage facility allows for safe storage of 25 000 spent fuel assemblies and additionally, 3 000 used absorbers in a dry-type storage facility. After commissioning a new storage, the existing one will be decommissioned. Activities on the first stage of spent nuclear fuel storage were completed at ZNPP based on the method of "dry" storage in reinforced concrete casks. The Nuclear Regulatory Committee completed assessment of the Storage Safety Analysis Report and granted the license to the Operating Body-Utility.


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*) Volume "as dispo" is an estimate of the final disposal gross volume of waste currently in interim storage. Note that if volume "as dispo" is not provided, it's assumed to be the same "as is".